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Yoga Self Practice 101: How to Overcome Inertia

March 4, 2014 at 21:33
These days when I step onto my mat it’s like coming home, I feel a sense of calm, but it hasn’t always been this way…. I remember all too clearly staring at my toes, writing my do to list and using my practice time to do - well almost anything but practice. I loved yoga and going to class and knew that having a self-practice was the next step, but I kept just hitting a brick wall. I met with so many obstacles like “Why?” Why should I practice at home? I love going to class and practicing with everyone and it’s so easy, I can just switch off and let someone else lead me. “Where and When?” I don’t have the right space or the time and most of all “What” would I practice? These were the questions I asked myself as I made my excuses. I’m... Read more »